Garage Blend

Garage Blend

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Garage Blend 

Elevation:   Up to 11!
Process:  Hot Summer nights in the garage
Varietals:  Delta Blues, 60's Soul, British Punk
Cupping Notes:  Fender Twin Reverb | Les Paul Crunch | Charlie Watts 
Roaster's Level:  Medium/Dark 

What's it all mean?

Think of it as a mix tape or playlist of your favorite songs swirled together in a cup.  We roasted and re-roasted our favorite beans from all over the coffee belt until we found the perfect mix.  And then we turned the roaster up to 11 and let it ride. 

Behind the bean:

Like most great rock and roll bands, Ready Set! was born out of a garage.  The concept was simple:  Work Hard. Respect the Bean.  Repeat.  

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